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Today we discussed “The Picture of Dorian Gray” by Oscar Wilde. After discussion the students were asked to write the reflection on the book.  Here you’ll find some points which will help you to write this type of writing.







Reflection paper

A reflection means a personal response. You connect a message of the book to your own observation, previous experience, or recent learning. It actually means to write what you felt after reading the book; and also to write if would you recommend it or not and which parts you liked best and which you liked least.

The purpose of the reflection paper lies in exploration of ideas. For example, friendship  could lead to a reflection about philosophic categories connected to this feeling: What is friendship? What is the difference between true and fair-weather friends? What are my reasons and explanation?

Since reflection paper is mainly connected to the writer’s experiences and opinions, the following phrases and expressions are common to use:

  • As for me…
  • To my mind…
  • As far as I know…
  • I consider … to be one of the most fascinating topics

The writer should present his/ her own experiences in an interesting manner and connect it to the subject he/she discusses. It is important to get the reader involved in the story.